Osho - Start living in the infinite

Osho – Aseem means the unbounded, the infinite. Start living in the infinite, because that is our true reality. The idea that we are finite is just an idea, it does not correspond to reality; hence it creates much misery. Once you start thinking of yourself as finite you are constantly in struggle with the infinite.

By being finite we become many, by becoming infinite only one remains. Then there is no possibility of any conflict, and when all possibilities of conflict cease there is peace. Peace cannot be attained. only by mental efforts; it needs a new spiritual vision.

Don’t think of yourself as the body – not that you are not the body: you are the body plus. Never end anywhere. Go on thinking of yourself in bigger and wider terms. You are the sun too because without the sun you would not be alive. You are the earth too; that’s what you go on eating every day. You are the air too; without it you are gone. You are this whole universe, this whole universe crisscrosses in you. You are just the crossroad of millions of things passing through you.

It is just as if you go on drawing lines through one point: the point will become thicker and thicker and thicker; more lines pass and the point becomes very thick – that is the ego. Start taking lines away and slowly slowly the ego disappears. One day you come to know that the ego was only a construct of crossing lines. It was not a reality, just an illusion.

When you think of yourself as finite you become the ego; when you drop the finite the ego disappears, and the disappearance of the ego is the arrival of god. Think of yourself as the universe. In the beginning it looks crazy but soon the heart starts flowing that way.

Because it corresponds with reality, it comes easily, spontaneously; one day you suddenly see that you are connected with everything that exists. You cannot exist without them, they cannot exist without you; it is a great interdependence. And the sheer complexity of it is a mystery….

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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