Osho – You are many, you are a crowd. The master is one, he is not a crowd. You are not one, you are many selves. So one moment you are one thing, another moment you are another thing. You go on changing.

Just watch your mind — every moment you go on changing, because one self says do this, then another self comes and says don’t do this, then another self comes and says do something else. And you have many selves — you are multipsychic. You don’t have one mind, you have many minds. And you are being tortured by all these minds, pulled into different directions.

The master has no mind, hence he becomes one. With no desire, with no possessions, with no desire even for heaven, he is bound to become one. He becomes integrated. He is really individual, literally individual.

The word ‘individual’ means one who is indivisible. You are not individuals, you are only persons, personalities — and that too not one. You have many personalities, many faces, you wear many masks. The master has no masks, no faces; he has only one face — his original face. He is simply natural. He has no mind; hence he is one.

And the miracle happens: when you are one with yourself, when you are one within yourself, you become one with the whole. And that is the ultimate state. Call it nirvana, call it kingdom of God, call it God-realization, or whatsoever name you want to give it — it is nameless. But this has been the real goal of all the seekers of truth.

Let this be your only goal. Prepare for it. I hope these beautiful sutras of Buddha will help you tremendously. Meditate over them. They are not philosophy; they are just statements of inner truths, statements of his experience. And they are also statements of my experience.

Whatsoever I am saying here is not just a commentary on Buddha’s sutras; Buddha’s sutras are just an excuse. I am saying something which is my own experience. I would like you to be able to say one day this is your experience too. It is possible. You all have the potential of being a buddha. Don’t settle for anything less than that. Shake yourself and wake up!

source – osho book “the dhammapada vol 12”

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