Osho on Buddha Presence

Osho – In the last night, when Jesus was departing from his friends, he broke bread and gave it to his disciples and said, “Eat it; this is me.” It is possible. When a man like Jesus takes the bread in his hand, the bread is no longer the same; it has become sacred. And when Jesus says, “It is me,” he means it literally. To be in the presence of a Master is to eat him, literally. To be with him is to be in him.

In fact, old Hindu scriptures say that to be with a Master is to be in his womb. That energy field is his womb, and when you are in his womb you are being transmuted, transformed, transfigured; a new being is born. Through the Master, one attains to a new birth — one becomes dwij, twice-born. One birth is attained through the father and the mother, the parents — that is the birth of the body. Another birth is attained through the Master — that is the birth of the spirit, the soul.

To be in the presence of a Buddha is to be on the way to becoming a Buddha. Nothing else is needed. If you can imbibe the presence, if you can allow the presence to work, if you can remain passive in the presence, feeding on it, receptive, everything will happen.

Hindus have two words. One is satsang, which is impossible for the Westerners to understand because they say some teaching should be given. Hindus say presence is enough, no other teaching is needed. Another word is darshan. That too is difficult to understand: just to see a Master is enough; just to look into his eyes is enough; just to see is enough.

Darshan means to see. Westerners come to me; they come for questions. When they remain here for a few more days then they understand; then they start feeling that questions are useless. Then they start coming and they say, “I have nothing to say… just to be here.” It takes time for them to feel that just to be with me is enough.

To bring a question is to bring a barrier; to come with questions is to come with a barrier. Just to come with no questions — nothing to ask, just to be — is to come without barriers. Then energy floats, meets, merges — you can become a part of my womb; I can float in you. But if you have a question then the mind is upper. When you don’t have a question your being is there, open, vulnerable.

Source: from Osho Book “Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 6”

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