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Question – What is the secret of how you can work on so many of us at the same time?

Osho – There is no secret to it. Because I love you, you are not so many. My love surrounds you, you become one. I am not working really on individuals, then it would have been difficult. When I see you I don’t see you at all. I see you as just a fragment of the whole. In my love you are one.

The moment you surrender — you disappear as an ego — you become part of a vast phenomenon. You are like a drop: when you surrender you become part of the ocean. I work on the ocean, not on drops. There is no secret to it.

And, really, to say that I work is not good. This is the way I am. It is not a work; it is simply the way I am. It is happening. I cannot do otherwise. Once you allow your heart to throb with me, it starts working. In fact it is a question for you to decide. If you want me to work, simply allow. I am working already.

You may be twenty-five thousand all around the world — you can become twenty-five lakhs, that will not make any difference. My work remains the same. Even if the whole world is converted to sannyas, my work remains the same. It is just like a light burning in a room: one person enters — the light functions for one; then, ten persons enter into the room.

Not that the light is more burdened — when there was nobody then too the light was burning, in absolute silence and loneliness. One entered: he could see. Now ten enter: they can see. Millions enter and they can see. The light is always burning there; when there is nobody, then too it burns. If nobody is there I will go on functioning in the same way.

It is not a question of numbers, and there is no secret to it. And, in fact, it is not a work. It is simply love. When you have attained to a state of love, you have attained to a state of light. It goes on burning. The flame is there: anybody who is ready to open his eyes can be benefited.

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