Fred was admitted to a madhouse because he always felt he was a mouse and was totally paranoid about cats.
After years and years of treatment he was finally declared normal again and the doctor said, “So you know now that you are not a mouse — you are a human being like me and there is no need to be afraid of cats.”
Fred agreed and was released. But as he stepped out of the gates he saw a cat walking on the opposite side of the road. He totally freaked and ran back inside in total shock.
The doctor said, “But Fred, I thought that it was clear to you that you are not a mouse.”
Fred replied, “Doctor, you know I am not a mouse, I know I am not a mouse. But how the hell do I know that the cat knows?”
Nobody can help you from the outside. Yes, you can be convinced, but deep down you will remain the same. You can be silenced through arguments, but arguments cannot change you. You will have to bring all your energies to a single point, to an absolute determination, that “This life I am going to make it. I am ready to do whatsoever is required. I will not shirk any responsibility. I will not shrink from any responsibility. I will not find any excuses, rationalizations. I will not be a victim anymore of the old mind.” Once this determination is total, transformation immediately starts happening. In fact to be totally determined is almost half the journey.
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