Osho on Freedom

Osho – Anand Ciska. Anand means bliss; ciska means freedom. Bliss is freedom and vice versa: freedom is bliss. In fact they are two sides of the same coin. Misery arises out of limitation. Bliss is to know that we are infinite, that even the sky is not our limit, that we are one with the whole. Only then does one know both the taste of freedom and bliss. They come together simultaneously, in the same instant.

And freedom is the goal of life. We are caught in many limitations – the body, the mind – and we have created many artificial limitations – of nation, of religion, of color, of race – and all together they create a prison around us. Just disidentify yourself from the body, mind, from all that limits you, and out of this disidentification, freedom arises and a fragrance that is bliss.

Prem Grada. Prem means love; grada means brave. Love is the bravest thing in life because it needs your total courage. It needs your total courage because the ego has to be dropped. Love can happen only when the ego disappears. With love you cannot have the ego, with the ego you cannot have love. They can’t exist together, there is no possibility of their coexistence. If the ego is there, then love is false, pseudo; it is something else masquerading as love. It can even be hate with the label love.

The ego has to be utterly dropped, and it can be dropped because it is not really part of our being. It is an artifact, it is our own creation. In itself it has no substance, it is a shadow. Hence to look deep down into it is to make it disappear; to look for it is not to find it at all. It exists only because we never look within.

Look within… let the ego disappear, and then you will be surprised: great love is welling up – love that you have never known before, love that you have not even dreamed about, love that is not a relationship but a state of being, an unconditional sharing of joy.

Source: Osho Book “The Rainbow Bridge”

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