Osho on Who am I Meditation

Osho – When you meditate on “Who am I?” you will come across this point, and it will dissolve. And the deeper you will go… then deeper questions will come: first sociological, theological, then biological. You have a man’s body or a woman’s body: the question will arise, “Am I a man or a woman?” The consciousness is neither. The consciousness cannot be male or female. The consciousness is simply consciousness; it is just the capacity of being a witness. Soon you will pass that barrier too; you will forget that you are man or woman.

And so on, so forth. When all the old identities are dropped, nothing remains, only the question resounds in the silence: “Who am I?” The question cannot go on, on its own; it needs some answers, otherwise it cannot persist. A point comes when asking becomes absurd… the question also evaporates. That is the moment which is called self-knowing — ATMAGYAN. That is the moment when, without receiving any answer, you simply know, you feel, who you are.

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