[A sannyasin says: It started two or three years ago after a very strong experience I had, that I had the feeling all my thoughts could be heard by everyone around me. And it’s not just my feeling: many times I think something and people talk about the same thing or react immediately. Sometimes I suppress my thoughts, sometimes I say ’Okay, let’s tolerate it’ but sometimes it makes me angry.]
Osho – I understand… I understand. In fact it is always happening, and not only to you: to everybody in the whole world… Whenever you are thinking something, you are broadcasting it in a subtle way. The moment a thought becomes formulated in you, it starts being broadcasted. Immediately ripples arise around you, vibrations start spreading. It is like throwing a pebble into a silent lake: immediately ripples arise and ripples go on and on. The pebble may have settled at the bottom long ago but the ripples will go on continuing.
This is actually the case; it is not something abnormal. You have just become aware of it and that is creating difficulty. Everybody is doing that. That’s why all the great masters of the world have been saying to you ’Don’t think bad thoughts’ mm? because they go on affecting people. Not only do your actions reach people: your thoughts, your feelings, everything reaches people. And it is not only that people are hearing: trees are hearing, birds and animals are hearing and rocks are hearing.
Now there are scientific experiments which prove that if you come to the side of the tree in anger, the tree immediately feels your anger. Now there are methods to detect whether the tree has felt it or not. When you come with love the tree immediately feels it and goes into a joyous expression. And when somebody comes to cut the tree, he has not said anything – he has just come with the idea – the tree starts trembling, great fear arises in the tree. It has been simply broadcasted without being said, without doing anything to the tree.
A scientist working on trees was very puzzled one day…. He was going to kill an insect to see
whether the tree was affected or not. The tree was affected! He was not doing anything to the tree, not even thinking to. He killed the insect, but the tree responded with great fear and anxiety, with sadness. Life is interconnected. We are not separate: we are part of one spider’s web, we are part of one harmony.
This is good; don’t be worried. Of course if you become aware of such things it creates a disturbance, but if you understand, there is no problem: this is how it is. So just be more and more alert. Have beautiful thoughts of compassion, of love, of prayer. And drop those thoughts that can create some trouble in somebody’s life. This is a good situation, a good challenge; it can transform your whole being. It is not a problem, it is an opportunity, a god-given opportunity: use it!
And just go on watching. Immediately you see something meaningless, cut it then and there.
Disidentify yourself with it. And soon you will be able to do it. Instead of ugly thoughts, think of
beautiful things. Somebody passes by you, a stranger: why not silently give a hug to him, just in
your thoughts? Why not say deep down ’I love you’? And you will see that the person will look at you ’What has happened?’ You can do it. I can see: you have the talent, and in a very very developed form. Use it to create beautiful vibes around you.
That’s how a person can change the whole world just sitting in his own room, not even going outside the room. Just sitting in his own room he can create such vital waves, such tidal waves of joy, bliss, love, that people may never know about him but they will be affected by them.

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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