Osho – Deva means divine and kanan means a wild forest; a divine, wild forest. And that’s what you have to keep in your heart – that to be wild is to be alive. The more civilised a person is, the less alive. I’m not saying to become uncivilised. I’m not saying to break the rules and regulations of the society, but remember deep inside that all the rules and regulations, and the civilisation and the society, are a game. Never lose contact with your inner wilderness. When you close your eyes, just become wild. When you are alone in your room, just become wild. Sing and dance and do things without any consideration of others.

A person who is continuously considering others, never grows. When you are moving with people in the world, consider them, but remember that these rules are not commandments. They have nothing to do with truth. They are just conveniences. Of course one has to take care on the road to keep to the left or keep to the right; it has to be so. But keeping to the left has no truth about it, no fundamental . . . no ultimacy about it. It is just a rule of the game. If you want to walk on the road, you have to follow the rule. But when you are in your room alone, meditating, then there is no need to continuously keep to the left. Then you can just run in the middle of the road. You can forget all that society imposes, forces. That’s what is going to help your growth.

And whenever you can find time, move into the forest. Go to the wild sea. Just watching will be beautiful. Swimming will be beautiful. . . surfing will be beautiful. . . going to the mountains will be beautiful. Keep more in touch with the non-human, and you will become capable of reaching to the superhuman. Don’t be confined to the human.

On both sides of the human, two worlds open. On one side is the world of the non-human – the trees, the birds, the rivers, the mountains, the stars; on another side, the superhuman – the world of god. It is difficult to know right now about the world of god, but one way is that you can drop out of the human world. You can become part of the non-human existence. And that will give you the clue about how to go above the human. If you can go below, you can go above. The same key opens and functions both ways. Once you know that human boundaries can be crossed, then you know where those boundaries are and how to cross them. One becomes by and by, efficient, more and more skilful.

Source – Osho Book “Dance Your Way to God”

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