swami rajneesh on blue pranic light and trees

swami rajneesh:
few times i have spoken about this mystical emptiness…
that is the very source of your life
i have used the term black hole…
so dark that nothing can penetrate into it

and that is the source
of the deep restful featherlike quality
you cannot create it
you cannot destroy it
whether you are here or you are still to come
it will remain silently present
that is the nature of the black hole
what mahavir calls
cessation of the flame
it is your invisible presence
and this darkness attracts so much light to it
that it is not a negative darkness
but filled with a light that is not of this earth

surrounding you is this living quality
floating invisibly everywhere
you may have seen it once in a while accidentally
when you rub your eyes
suddenly millions and millions of light flashes…
blue electric light…appearing everywhere

right in the middle of your eyes
there is a black space
which perceives light
mystics have known and have called this the state of samadhi
falling into this black hole
everything surrounding it becomes filled with light

to see light you need darkness
deeper the darkness greater the light
hence the seeing eye is a floating black hole
it has no gravity
it displaces all gravity
wherever it goes

everything starts expanding and expanding
because gravity does not hold it down
each one of you is such immense light
you are swimming in the ocean of life
you go on missing the water because you are surrounded by it…
you were born in it

the moment you will be pulled out of this water of life
you will say aha…this is it…
everything will be exploding in light
everything around you will be filled with light
this invisible force is like an infinite net…
surrounding all that is living…
the trees…the plants…the rocks…the waterfalls…
the whole space is filled with this livingness
it breathes the air
it supports you

when you go to spaces where people are meditating
you can see this light clearly
it is far more dense…settled and available in spaces of meditation
this energy is also available in abundance
where there is flowing water or close to trees
wherever life force is less..but it is still present
it cannot be taken away
even in the deadest remotest place
there is this blue pranic light…
that is floating…searching for life

it searches for a tree…for a plant…
for anything that is receptive
if you are receptive
it comes to you silently
and merges with you
you have to know how to merge with pranic energy

and the only way is to be very soft…sensitive…open…
and suddenly the trees and the rocks and the mountains will start pouring
it is always looking for life
life is continuously searching for life

hence all the meditations events around me
are always in the open…
under the trees…near waterfalls…
where there is living force
so that when you are open and receptive
this energy suddenly pours into you…

i always speak about trees
and the life force surrounding trees
each meditator has to learn about trees
surrounding each tree there is an immense amount of blue light
the tree is doing many functions
it is continuously throwing out oxygen
and if you sit near the tree it will pull out your carbon dioxide
pump in the oxygen…pull out the carbon dioxide…pump in oxygen…

its food is carbon dioxide…your unconscious states…
and it pumps oxygen into you…
oxygen is not prana
oxygen just creates the right situation
where life force can enter you
oxygen is simply a carrier…

when meditators are sitting under a tree
with their spine to the back of the tree
the tree is doing so many functions
it is pushing your energy deep into your hara…into your roots…
and it is pulling your kundalini higher…stretching you higher…
spreading you like its branches
it is balancing your psychic energy

the tree is one of the greatest living masters…
if the tree is hundred metres deep in root
the tree will be ninety metres tall in height
the root is always greater than the trunk
if the branches are spread out the roots are spread out
what you see of the tree above
is exactly the roots below

if you can learn to sit under a tree
the tree sucks out your carbon dioxide
and gives you oxygen…
surrounding the tree there is blue light
suddenly you are filled with blue light
and like a flame it goes higher and higher
and sharpens your being
it peaks you
it deepens you
and pulls you into an equilibrium

why i speak about these natural spaces
is because we have lost touch
with the nature that surrounds us
there are many nice trees here
very rarely i see people sitting with trees
always going into some meditation hall…
meditation should be done under trees

for example…dynamic meditation…
when you do dynamic in a hall
there is not enough interchange…
between oxygen and carbon dioxide release
you need deep amounts of oxygen to be pumped into your body
so do dynamic under a tree…
it is the best place

to do dynamic next to a tree keep your belly facing the tree
the moment you shout…ho ho…the door opens
and oxygen and the blue flame is pumped into your hara

the tree is a great master
you are looking for oxygen…
expansion…release of carbon dioxide…
the moment enough oxygen pumps into your body
your muscles begin to relax
you need abundance of oxygen flowing…
through the muscles

when you do dynamic in a hall
you do not get enough oxygen
and your muscles start cramping
they are getting tight
because it is not getting a good flow of oxygen

people should try to do dynamic under the trees
and use outdoors as much as possible
when your become acquainted with doing meditations outdoors
you will start feeling…
the living quality of the air that surrounds you
falling in tune with nature is ninety nine percent of the work
because you are part of nature
that is why one of the greatest taoist master lao tsu said
follow the nature of tao
just follow nature totally…

understand nature
and you will understand that you are filled with life all around you
there is so much life pulsating around you
and you do not have enough life within you
and the reason is you do not know how to drink
from the trees…from the air…from the waterfalls…from flowing water…

experiment with trees and dynamic
there are few trees here
we all should do dynamic tomorrow in the open
find a spot…each one face a tree
and breathe rapidly out through the nose
keep your mouth closed
breathe out from your nose
a secondary layer of breathing will start
your nose is giving oxygen to the brain…to your lungs…
and to certain vital forces in your body
but your whole skin…the whole body…
is a also breathing mechanism
your whole body is a breath…
all the pores are breathing
you are a porous being

so when you are near a tree
the tree will find every nook and corner of you
and try to suck out the poison
its function is to suck out the poison
the carbon dioxide that is keeping you unconscious
and is pumping in oxygen…
so all your pores near the tree will start tingling
your will feel your whole palm of your hands
the extremity of your hands and your feet…
tingling and vibrating…
because oxygen is trying to find its way through each and every pore

so being near the tree is a vital experiment for dynamic
just try under a tree and your whole body will be vibrating
you should be able to feel each and every pore of your being
and once you can feel it
you will see your aura around the body
becoming thicker and thicker and thicker

you need to expand the aura around the body
until the blue line around the body…
what is known as the etheric body…
becomes vital and sharp

the etheric body
is the vital body that keeps you healthy
it needs tremendous amount of cleanliness
in the bio system to be brilliant and blue…
for example if you smoke and drink
your chi is low
the etheric body will start getting damaged
there will not be enough blue flame surrounding you
you understand ?
the blue pranic light will reduce
because you are creating the wrong climatic conditions…
for the etheric body to be healthy around you

tomorrow when you do dynamic
find a tree…
each one of you experiment
and you will feel the difference

source – swami rajneesh book “ZERO”

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