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Osho – YOU HAVE MANY MINDS but you have only one heart. Have you observed this fact? You don’t have one mind; you are multi-psychic, you have many minds. They constantly change — every moment your mind changes. One moment it is full of doubt, another moment it is full of belief, and another moment again it is full of doubt. One moment you are so full of love, another moment so full of anger and hate.

Watch it: you have a thousand and one minds and they go on rotating. There is a kind of rotation system in your head. for a moment one mind becomes the master, and in that moment you decide something and you think you will be able to do it. You will not be able to, because next moment the monarch is gone. It is a rotation system: another mind has come up, now another spoke of the wheel has come up. And this mind knows nothing of the decision that the other mind has taken.

This self knows nothing of the other self; it will destroy whatsoever you have decided. One moment you decide never to smoke again, another moment you are pulling out your cigarette packet. And you are surprised — just a moment ago you had decided, and the decision seemed so total, so TRUSTABLE. And now it is all gone, gone down the drain, nothing of it is there. And you are perfectly willing to smoke again. And again that old mind will come back and torture you, and you will repent and think that you are guilty.

But this will go on changing. Mind is a flux, it is a continuum of many minds. And that’s why those who live in the mind live a disintegrated, fragmentary life.

The heart is one, it is always one. The heart means the watching consciousness in you. Who is the watcher of the head? Try to meditate over it. Anger comes: who is watching? You know perfectly well that there is anger; you know perfectly well that it is coming and growing, you know perfectly well that soon you will be overwhelmed by it. And then it is going, receding, disappearing, you know it is gone. Gone, gone, gone, it is no more there. Who is watching?

Love comes and goes. Misery comes, happiness comes, everything comes and everything goes. Who is watching? The watcher remains.

Only one thing in you is constant, and that is the watcher. Everything changes, only the watcher abides. It is always there — even while you are deeply asleep it is watching the dreams; even when there are no dreams it is watching the deep sleep.

When you are awake it is watching the world, when you are asleep it is watching your inner world, but the watching continues. Not even for a single moment does the watching stop. That is the eternal thing in you, non-temporal: your heart.
Sufis call it the heart. And it is one. And to know the one is to go beyond all errors.

Source – Osho Book “Unio Mystica, Vol 1”

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