Osho on Sannyasin and Existence

Osho – Existence loves us all. We are here, that is enough proof, otherwise we would not have been here at all; we have been chosen to be by existence. It is not our choice, we have not created ourselves; it is the decision on the part of the whole. And existence goes on nourishing us every moment on all the planes — physical, psychological, spiritual. But our stupidity is such that we start taking all these things for granted as if we have earned them, as if we deserve them, as if life is our birthright. We forget completely that it is a gift of god.

A sannyasin has to remember not to take anything for granted. That is one of the most foolish things a person can do with existence, that is very ungrateful, insensitive. A sannyasin has to continuously remember that existence goes on pouring so many gifts and you have not even thanked it and you have not contributed anything on your part.

The only way to show our gratitude is not by going into the churches and falling on our knees and reciting some parrotlike prayers or by going into a temple and chanting some words which you don’t understand. You don’t mean anything, just a formality is being fulfilled.

The real gratitude is expressed only through creativity. When you start creating something to enhance, to enrich existence — it may be just a small garden or anything, a painting, a song, a dance… when you start being creative you are showing gratitude. In your own small way you are participating with god.

The only thing that a sannyasin has to do is not to leave the world in the same ugly shape as he found it — to make just a little change. One cannot hope to change the whole world — it is too big and our hands are too small — but still we can do something. There can be a few more flowers in the world, a few bigger roses in the world, a few more smiling faces in the world, a few more dancers, a few more singers, a few more paintings, And if we have done something out of gratitude it brings tremendous joy. Creativity is the only way of real prayer.

Source – Osho Book “Going All the Way”

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