Osho on Planned Life

[The woman journalist says her problem right now is low energy. Osho asks her if she has ever meditated. Only three times, here, she replies… ]

Osho – Mm mm… it can be low, and with a low energy level you will miss many things in life, because many things start happening only when you are on a high energy level. It is as if you go on living in a valley: you cannot see many things. If you go up to the top of the hill there is a greater perspective: you can see many things.

But many people have decided to live at the low energy level for a certain reason. It is more secure, more comfortable, more convenient. The high energy level is dangerous: one is always boiling, exploding, there is insecurity with the high energy level. Yes, there is adventure but insecurity comes in the same package and one never knows what is going to happen. And everything is always in a chaos at the high energy level – beautiful but always in a chaos; nothing is ever settled.

At the low energy level things are settled – one has planned a life and settled; but this is missing life. And everybody has got the same energy quantity. Now it is up to us what to do – whether to bring it to a maximum, or to remain at the minimum. All my meditations are an effort to bring the energy level higher and higher so that one moment you explode. That explosion is felt almost as if one is going insane, and in a way it is insane.

The ordinary sane person will say that you have gone mad, but now you will find for the first time that life has a splendour and a great depth and joy. Dance will come to your feet and a song will come to your heart… but work will be needed. And this is my observation – that many women have settled on the low energy level. Down through the centuries man has forced them to never explode too much. Not even while making love are they allowed to explode, so what to say about other things?

Even while love-making they are supposed to lie down just like a dead body, a corpse. Only a bad woman makes movements while making love. A lady? never! So even love has not been allowed to women. Millions have never known what orgasm is. They just remain at the low energy level – man has forced it on them. It is good for man because a low energy level person remains a slave: she is always obedient, she follows your dictates. A high energy level is rebellious, is disobedient, can be disobedient at least.

So we have cut women from the roots. To make mothers, wives of them, we have taken away all wild joy. Naturally it has affected man too: when the woman is not very happy, not madly happy, the man cannot be happy either. We are bound together, so the man also starts dragging. That’s how the humanity has been dragging.

But you can bring that energy level up high. Next time come and be here for a longer time. It can explode, but you will have to take the risk! And that’s what my fear is – that you don’t want to take any risk, but without risk there is nothing in life. Then it is almost as if we have died already. With risk the door opens. And I can see that the energy is there but you are sitting on top of it.

Source: from Osho Book “This Is It”

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