Osho on God Contact

Osho – because we live in the head we have lost contact with god. And we never think that we have lost … contact, on the contrary, we start thinking that there seems to be no god.

It is like a man sitting with closed eyes and thinking there is darkness, there is no light. Rather than thinking “I may be sitting with closed eyes,” he is ready to deny the sun, the light, rather than trying to openhis eyes. God cannot be proved by any argumentation because it is not a question of logic, god can be known only through love. It is an experience of union, union with the whole. And the only way to be united with the whole is love.

My sannyasins have to live love. They need not bother about churches and temples and mosques and they need not bother about great philosophical and theological treatises, all kinds of esoteric nonsense, occult stupidities. They have to be very simple, in a single word “lovers”, lovers of all that is. And then god is not far away.

source – osho book “the miracle”

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