Osho on Heat Yoga

Osho : Yoga says there are not two things in us like consciousness and unconsciousness. In us, there is only one existence and these are two polarities of it. Hence a man can be influenced from either pole.

In Tibet, there is an experiment known as Heat-Yoga. There are hundreds of monks who can remain sitting in the snow naked, snow is falling all around, snowy winds are blowing and their bodies sweat! What has happened to them?

These men are experimenting with the Yoga sutra. They have refused to accept in their minds that snow is falling. With eyes closed they are saying that snow is not falling. With their eyes closed, they are saying that the sun is burning and its heat is raining. And with eyes closed, they are saying ”I am burning with the heat.” And their bodies are following it, they are sweating.

In South India, there used to be a yogi named Brahma Yogi. He showed some experiment in three universities, Calcutta University, Rangoon University and Oxford. He used to drink any kind of poison and within half an hour he would throw it all out through urination. No poison af any kind could get mixed with his blood.

All kinds of x-ray examinations were taken but it was difficult to understand what the matter was. That man used to say only this much, that I only know that I say to my mind that I will not accept the poison. So, this is my whole secret. But in Rangoon University he died after the experiment; the poison entered the blood.

His will power was working only upto half an hour. Hence it was essential that he urinated within half an hour. After half an hour, even he used to become suspicious that poison may enter the blood. For half an hour, he could keep his will power strong. After half an hour he used to become doubtful. Doubt is a very strange thing. It overpowers even such a man who keeps the poison away from the blood for half an hour.

He left Rangoon University by car and wanted to reach where he was staying. But the car failed on the way and he could not reach his place in thirty minutes, he reached it in forty-five minutes but in an unconscious state. That fifteen minutes became the cause of his death.

There have been hundreds of yogis who declared their control over blood circulation. You may cut any vein, anywhere, but the blood will follow the Yogi’s orders to flow or stop flowing. It will be good if you also do some small experiments. Count your pulse and wait for five minutes. Only you have to be thinking in your mind that your pulse is becoming faster and faster. And after five minutes you will see that the pulse rate has increased.

If you experiment for a long time, the pulse can be stopped also, even the heartbeat, more subtle parts can also be stopped; the blood circulation can also be stopped. Body and mind are not two things. Body and mind are the expansion of only one thing, different parts of only one thing. The conscious and the unconscious are the expansion of one and the same thing. All experiments of Yoga are based on this sutra.

Hence Yoga accepts that it can be started from anywhere. The journey can be started from the body or from the mind. The disease, the health, the beauty, the energy, the age, everything is influenced by the body as well as by the mind.

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