Osho – A choiceless awareness simply means whatever happens to you is perfectly the right thing to have happened. You don’t have any judgment about it. It does not mean that you will stop doing things; you will continue doing things but your doing things will be more like a man flowing in the current of the river, not swimming, not swimming against the current.

The effort comes when you are against the current, so that existence wants you to move north and you want to move towards the south. There comes the struggle, there comes your effort, there comes your separate existence as an ego. But if you are simply flowing with the river wherever it is going, you don’t have a goal, because a man with a goal cannot be choiceless. You don’t have a destination, because a man with a destination cannot relax and cannot be choiceless. He has already chosen.

One thought on “Osho – Effort comes when you are against the current”
  1. am married from as many as 11 yrs. i want to get separated from my husband, he’s a v nice guy and i care for him a lot. bt neither of us feel love for each other, at least i am sure when i talk about myself.
    i want to settle down with sm1 who loves me. my husband won’t leave me and my family is also not agreeing with me on this. they are all asking me to adopt a baby.
    marriage feels like a prison to me, while i think wots the use of just havin my presence when my v soul is not with him. for me it’s more of a friendship, without real love.

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