Osho Quotes and Sayings

  1. Ambition is violence, the very effort to succeed in the world is violent.
  2. A mechanical mind is an unconscious mind. You go on doing things, but not knowing what you are doing and why you are doing them. And while doing them there is no awareness. Walking, you walk, but there is no awareness. Eating, you eat, but there is no awareness. Talking, you talk, but there is no awareness.
  3. Life is a very mysterious phenomenon where laughter is part and where tears also are part. Once in a while to be sad, really sad, is not bad. Sadness has its own beauty. You have just to learn to enjoy the beauty of sadness, its silence, its depth.
  4. Meditation is an effort to die voluntarily. And in deep meditation one dies. In deep meditation, the so-called life disappears and for the first time you encounter death. That experience of encountering death makes you deathless. Suddenly you transcend death. Suddenly you know — that which is going to die is not you. All that can die, you are not. You are neither your body nor your mind nor your self. You are simply pure space — which is never born and never dies.
  5. My approach is to go on dying to the past moment continuously so that you can be alive in the new moment that is coming. Death to the past, life to the present. And the future is going to come to you as present, never as past.
  6. People are afraid of death because they have not lived yet and death is coming closer. I have lived, I have tasted the nectar of life. Now there is no problem for me, so I can create as much hostility as possible in the hope that perhaps a few, out of thousands, may wake up. And they are waking up.
  7. An intelligent man cannot be Catholic, an intelligent man cannot believe in the boundaries of nations, an intelligent man cannot conceive that white and black colors make any difference. An intelligent man will have a totally different vision of life.
  8. Every man has the potential to become enlightened. If he does not become, he is responsible — nobody else is responsible for it.

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