Osho on Healing Pain

[A sannyasin says he has a lot of tension in his back and neck – tension that is so painful at times that it totally occupies his attention…. It comes in the silent parts of the meditations. Osho asks him for details, and then checks his energy.]

Osho – It is concerned with meditation, so don’t think about it as a disease or as if something is wrong, mm? – it is perfectly good. It will disappear; you need not be worried about it. When it comes next time, just close your eyes and concentrate there where it is; focus your whole concentration there.

First you will find a big patch of pain: go on focusing and you will find that it is shrinking, becoming smaller, smaller, smaller. Go on looking deeper into it; forget everything and don’t try to evade it.

Don’t try to prevent it being there. Don’t condemn it; it is something beautiful that is happening. Once it goes the energy will rise higher. It is just passing a certain block, so you feel the pain. Go on looking, and by and by you will be able to see that the spot is shrinking and is becoming smaller, smaller and smaller. Then it will become just like a pinpoint: it will be almost impossible to keep alert of it.

For moments you will miss it, again it will be there you will miss it, again it will be there. The smaller the area of pain, the more intense it will be. When it is there just like a pinpoint it will be very very piercing and sharp.

When you have come to the final atomic state of it…. Mm? this is bringing it to an atomic state; that’s what in homeopathy they call potency. The smaller dose has more potency, so the homeopath goes on making the dose smaller and smaller and smaller. And that is exactly what modern physics has found – that the atom has the most vital energy in it. And that’s what you have to do: go on making it smaller and smaller, smaller and smaller.

When it becomes just an atom… by atom, I mean when you cannot make it smaller, it cannot be divided any more, you have come to the last particle of it. That is the meaning of the word atom: no more divisible. You have come to the last, the ultimate unit: then it will become very sharp – sharper than you can imagine, incredibly sharp. It will cut you like a sword, but then immediately it will disappear, disappear forever, and the block will have been crossed.

It will take some time, but go on doing it. And don’t take it as something wrong. Be happy about it! Have a very very positive attitude about it – it is not negative. Nothing to be worried about! Good!

Source: from Osho Book “The Further Shore”

One thought on “Osho – Healing the Pain by Being Aware of it passively”
  1. very good osho I AM BLESSES TO HEAR THIS honestly a recent extreme anxiety attack has left my mind a bit shocked..but love my family n what osho has said..has helped me come back to myself..the peaceful return. osho says to confront life..not to run, like above focusing on the pain..till it is no more..is what i do with my anxiety..live with every second of it, not runnin jus being aware..aware..jus lettin it pass..by and by it becomes smaller..n i should expecting the sharp point that he, our blessed osho, decribed above..i have not felt this free..alive…intense in years!!!! i must remember to express..not to repress!!!!!

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