[A sannyasin is going back to the West and would like to run a group on the lines of the tao group that happens here. She isn’t sure though whether she is ready or able to lead groups. Osho says
that her energy is ready – it just needs to flow a little bit more. He is saying that several things are needed to help people…. ]

Osho – One thing is: you should not be too much burdened with your own problems. That is happening – you are not burdened too much with your own problems. They are there, they have not disappeared, but you have become alert about them and a distance has arisen; you can look at them. The second thing: to help people you need to be in a very deep flow of energy, otherwise people’s problems, their anxieties, their tensions, will start entering in your being.

If you are not flowing towards them, they will start flowing towards you, and that tires a leader very much… that kills the therapist! So it is not just accidental that in theWest psychotherapists go mad more than any other professional people, because they treat mad people and they themselves are not ready. So rather than flowing towards the patient, the patient starts flowing towards them. You should not be in a lower energy than the people you are helping.

You should be on a higher point from where things can flow towards them but nothing can flow from them towards you. So you are just a little higher, not enough yet – you have to go higher a little more – otherwise rather than helping, you will get into trouble. It will be very tiring and very puzzling, and you will get stuck many times, you will not know what to do. So for this I will give you one meditation – start doing it.

The third thing that is needed in the therapist, which is a must, is impersonal love – not towards
anybody in particular, just a loving quality. It is not the therapy that helps; it is love that helps. That you have, and it can grow more. In fact, women can become better therapists than men.

In a future world therapy will become absolutely feminine. Right now just the opposite is the case: the therapists are ninety-nine percent men and the patients are ninety-nine percent women! Now it is just topsy-turvy: ninety-nine percent of therapists should be women and ninety-nine percent of patients should be men… because man needs more love – he lacks many things which a woman can give.

So this is the method which you can start; start it from tonight, mm? You have a box with you?… Good. So keep the box under the pillow and lie down on the bed. You can have one pillow
underneath your feet to make it more comfortable; you can have a small pillow just underneath
your back so you are perfectly at ease. Mm? – feeling at ease is very essential, the body should be in perfect rest. Then close your eyes and start relaxing, just have the feeling that you are relaxing – nothing special, just the feel that you are relaxing.

Just go on repeating ’I am relaxing, relaxing, relaxing…’ and make the word ’relaxing’, longer and longer and longer: r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g, r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g’. Make it as long as possible, and very silently repeat inside, ’relaxing’. You can do it in [your own language], mm? that will go deeper….
And always remember, whenever you are suggesting anything yourself, suggest it in your mother tongue. Never suggest anything with any other tongue that is not your mother tongue because it never goes deep. All other languages we learn later on, so they are superficial. Always suggest in the same language in which you dream – then it will go deep. And we almost always dream in our mother tongues. That is our deepest core, our first language; our first language remains our deepest language.

So for just two minutes feel that you are relaxing, suggest to yourself that you are relaxing the body. Then start feeling one thing…. From inside move to your feet – from the inside. Close your eyes and start moving inside your body from the belly to the feet. Go to the feet and feel where the feet are, then start feeling that the feet are growing, becoming bigger, longer – two inches longer.

When you feel now they are two inches longer, stop for one minute, then bring them back again to their normal size, then again two inches, then again back to their normal size – do that three times. After three times, leave the feet two inches long, and now move towards the head and feel that the head is growing two inches longer. Do it three times, and then leave the head also… so now you are four inches longer.

This is only for the beginning – after two, three weeks, start growing longer: four inches, six inches, twelve inches. Two feet is the perfect height – two feet from one end, two feet from another end, that means four feet. When you have come to four feet and you can almost visualise that it has happened, then the meditation will start working.

With that extra height of four feet you can do miracles. Then you can imagine anything and that will happen. Once this has happened – this is a basic requirement – once you have learned this, then everything can happen. Then in a single jump you can say ’I am bigger than the house’ –and you will be bigger than the house! Only up to four feet does the mind resist. Beyond four feet the mind relaxes, the mind says ’Now you are mad. Go to whatsoever height you want!’ Four feet or forty feet, then it makes no difference. Up to four feet it goes on resisting, ’This is nonsense – what are you doing?’

Mm? The mind goes slowly, slowly – it is very stubborn up to four feet. Once the four feet boundary has been touched, the mind says ’It’s okay – now you are incurable, you can do whatsoever you want. You can feel bigger than the house, you can feel bigger than the earth, you can feel that you are filling the whole sky!’ Always fall asleep filling the whole sky. And in the morning you will feel more love for the whole existence than you have ever dreamt. You will feel more love than you ever felt for your beloved – even for an ordinary tree you will be full of love. You will be almost in a romantic love with an ordinary pebble.

But this method will take at least ten minutes, mm? And then for ten minutes you remain as big as the whole sky, and then fall asleep in that state. Continue this and start the tao group. Whenever you feel stuck just close your eyes and feel that you are filling the whole room and that all these people are inside you. Immediately you will be able to help them, because then you become a mother and they are all in your womb. Then suddenly, intuitively, you know what their problem is, where their problem is.

That is the right way to become a therapist – to become a mother, to feel people inside you. Then there is no problem at all. You can simply see where their problem is and then you can find a solution. This will be intuitive, and tao is an intuitive group – it is not intellectual. Perfectly good!

Source: from Osho Book “This Is It”

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  1. Thank you so much.These exerpts are so valuable and deeply touching home,opening my hearts eyes again.With love Bhaven

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