[The new sannyasin says she is a doctor.]

Osho – You will become capable. You just need a little more love flowing. It works more than any medicine. Up to now medical science has not been able to find anything more potent than love. If you can be loving to the patient, you will be tremendously successful, because medicines are secondary. They are still not primary. Therapy is a function of love. Love is therapeutic.

You can even sometimes just give water to the patient with deep love, deep compassion, and it will function. There have been many experiments in which the proportion is almost the same. You give the medicine; it works. You give water; it works the same way – what you call a placebo. But if it is given with love and the patient trusts, it functions. When you love, you create trust. And it is one of the most beautiful professions to choose because it allows you to be loving.

It becomes ugly, it has become ugly, because it has become a sort of exploitation. You are exploiting people’s diseases, illnesses. That’s why one feels it is a little heavy. Otherwise it is one of the most beautiful professions – if you love. You may not become very rich if you love, but you will feel tremendously enriched inside.

So if you don’t bother about money too much, there is no problem. Then you can help many people to be healthy and whole. Their prayers will be for you,. and their hearts will be for you and you will be tremendously fulfilled. But if you make money the consideration, then it is one of the worst professions. In a better world, money should not be a relationship at all between the doctor and the patient because it destroys love.

Money is the most anti-love thing in the world. And when you are treating a patient for money, of course the patient becomes irrelevant. He is just a number; he has no being in him. Because he pays you, you treat him, but you become impersonal, indifferent. In fact, deep down, if the patient is very rich, in your unconscious you want him to remain ill a little longer. It creates guilt also, because if a rich patient is cured easily, he will not be paying too much.

So if the patient is rich, the unconscious desire remains in the doctor to let him linger a little. This is very dangerous, but it is so. So make it more meditative, make it more loving. Whatsoever time you are here for, meditate as deeply as possible. Your meditation has started. I have started working on you. Forget everything, and let your love grow.

By the time you go back, you will be able to have a totally different outlook about your profession. I cannot guarantee that that will help you to earn much money, but money is not a consideration. You can always get enough for your needs, but that’s all… more than enough.

But make it a function of your loving heart. Let it be a service, and then you will see that it is helping you. It will help you to grow. What more can you expect? If you are serving human beings, you are doing one of the best things that can be done.

Somebody is painting on the canvas, somebody is writing a poem, and somebody is playing on a musical instrument – you are playing on human beings, you are painting on a human canvas. You are doing something with the most evolved phenomenon in the world. One should be happy. But a different vision is needed, that’s all. It will come….

Source: from Osho Book “The Passion for the Impossible”

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