Osho on fight with existence

Osho – Fighting with god is like hitting your head against the wall: it is not going to do any harm to the wall, only your head will be destroyed. You will lose your sanity. To be in tune with god means to find a door. You can go through it and then there is no need to fight with the wall. The wall is not your enemy, it protects you. And there is always a door.

It is childish to fight with existence because existence is vast and we are so small that our fight is doomed, from the very beginning we are going to lose it. It is not possible in the nature of thing, that we will ever win. But there is a way to be victorious too and that is, fighting in tune with god, not against him but for him. And when the whole thing changes, the whole gestalt changes, when you are fighting for god you start fighting with your own unconsciousness, with your own anger, jealousy, possessiveness, greed; then you are really entering into a fight with all that is not needed for your inner growth but which is a hindrance. You are discarding all that is a hindrance and allowing the whole to penetrate you, to flood you.

Consecrated to god means to become a vehicle for god, to be a medium of god. And the greatest barrier is the ego. One has to put aside the ego, and then there is no problem. The surrender comes very easily, the let-go happens just like breathing, there is no effort needed. It happens like falling into sleep or waking up in the morning — just a natural phenomenon, spontaneous.

And when one is in a deep let-go with the whole the consequence is bliss. It is a by-product, it is a reward, but an inevitable reward. The surrendered person has tremendous blissfulness around him, within and without. He knows nothing else, no other taste, only the taste of blissfulness.

Sannyas has to become the beginning of surrendering. In the beginning of course one surrenders only hesitantly, only calculatively, bit by bit. One watches what happens — if you surrender so much, what happens? But as you surrender you start opening up windows towards the starry sky, then sooner or later you will be able to surrender all. The moment all is surrendered, all is achieved. It is a paradox; the moment you lose everything to god, you gain everything that you always wanted to gain. But it does hot come through fight, this victory comes through love, through trust.

Source – Osho Book “Going All the Way”

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