Osho – A wizened little client in a fancy whorehouse is heard shouting from the upper floor: “No! Not that way! I want it my way, the way we do it in Brooklyn. So quit it! Do it my way or forget it!”
The madam climbs the stairs and erupts into the girl’s room. “What is the matter with you, Zelda?” she says. “Give it to him his way.”
She leaves, the girl lies down, and the man makes love to her in perfectly routine fashion. She sits up, puts on her dressing gown, lights a cigarette and says, “That’s your way, Hymie, huh?”
“That’s it,” he says proudly from the bed.
“That’s how you do it in Brooklyn?”
“Right you are!”
“So what is so different about it?”
“In Brooklyn I get it for nothing.”

Osho Quote – Remember one thing: your life will remain empty if you know only things which can be purchased, if you know only things which can be sold. Your life will remain utterly futile if your acquaintance is only with commodities. Become acquainted with things which cannot be purchased and cannot be sold — then for the first time you start growing wings, for the first time you start soaring high.

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