Osho – A great scholar once bought a parrot. When he got it home he told it, “I am going to teach you to talk.”
“Don’t bother,” answered the bird. “I can talk already.”
He was so amazed that he took it to the university. “Look! I have got a fantastic talking parrot here….” But the parrot would not talk, even though the scholar kept insisting that it could.
People bet him ten-to-one that it could not, and he lost the bet. Nothing would induce the parrot to speak. On the way home, followed by the jeers of his friends, the man cuffed the parrot and said, “You fool — look at the amount of money you lost me!”
“It is you who are the fool,” said the parrot. “Take me back to that university tomorrow and you will get one hundred-to-one and win!”

Yes, parrots are far more intelligent than your professors. Parrots have more insight than your pundits, scholars, academicians. If you want to know the real fools you will have to visit a university — all kinds of pretenders, full of gibberish. Not knowing what they are really doing, but they go on doing things. Not knowing what they are teaching, but they are teachers; they go on writing great treatises.

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