Osho Mulla Nasruddin Jokes :

  1. A rich farmer had been trying desperately to marry off his daughters. One day he met Mulla Nasrudin.
    “I have several daughters,” the farmer told the Mulla. ”I would like to see them comfortably fixed. And I will say this, they won’t go to their husbands without a little bit in the bank, either. The youngest one is twenty-three and she will take Rupees 25,000 with her. The next one is thirty-two, and she will take Rupees 50,000 with her. Another is forty-three and she will take Rupees 75,000 with her.”
    ”That’s interesting,” said Nasrudin. ”I was just wondering if you have one about fifty years old.”

  2. Mulla Nasrudin was sitting under a tree chatting with a neighbour, when his boy came up the road carrying a chicken.
    ”Where did you get that chicken?” Nasrudin asked his boy. ”Stole it,” said the boy. Mulla Nasrudin turned to his friend and said proudly, ”THIS IS MY BOY. HE MAY STEAL, BUT HE WON’T LIE.”

  3. The young lady’s hopes had been high for two years while Mulla Nasrudin remained silent on the question of marriage. Then one evening he said to her, ”I had a most unusual dream last night. I dreamed that I asked to marry you. I wonder what that means.” ”THAT MEANS,” said his girlfriend, ”THAT YOU HAVE MORE SENSE ASLEEP THAN YOU HAVE AWAKE.”

  4. As usual, Mulla Nasrudin showed up for supper with dirty hands and a dirty face. ”Go wash up,” his wife screamed at him. ”Night after night I tell you. And night after night you always come to the table without washing. Why don’t you ever do it without my shouting at you?”

  5. Mulla Nasrudin stopped the doctor on the street one summer day. ”You remember when you cured my rheumatism ten years ago, Doctor,” asked the Mulla, ”and told me not to get wet?”
    ”Y-e-s, Yes, I remember,” said the doctor. ”WELL, I JUST WONDERED IF YOU THINK IT’S SAFE FOR ME TO TAKE A BATH YET,” said Mulla Nasrudin.

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