Osho jokes on Chandulal :

  1. Several young boys were called by the New Delhi authorities for a medical check-up to determine the paternity of a certain teenage girl’s baby. Chandulal went in and after a few minutes came out. “Don’t worry, fellows,” he smiled. “They’ll never find out. They’re taking samples from the finger!”

  2. Chandulal took his dog to the veterinarian and asked him to cut his tail off completely. “Why in the world would you want me to do that?” asked the vet.
    “Well,” Seth Chandulal said, “my mother-in-law is coming to visit us, and I don’t want anything in the house to suggest that she is welcome!”

  3. “Hey, boss, I have been here twenty-five years and I have never asked for a raise before,” said Popatlal to Chandulal.
    “That’s why you have been here twenty-five years!” replied Chandulal.

  4. “Chandulal,” said a rich Hindu grocer in Ahmedabad to his assistant, “have you mixed the glucose with the syrup?” “Yes, sir.”
    “And sanded the sugar?” “Yes, sir.”
    “Dampened the lettuce and mushrooms?” “Yes, sir.”
    “And put water in the milk?” “Yes, sir.”
    “Then you may come in to prayers.”

  5. Chandulal: “Good evening, thought I would drop in and see you about the umbrella you borrowed from me last week.”
    Gaurilal: “I’m sorry, but I lent it to a friend of mine. Did you want it?”
    Chandulal: “Well, not for myself, but the fellow I borrowed it from says the owner wants it.”

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