Osho on Meditation

Osho – We are gods. If we know that, we live an ecstatic life; if we don’t know, we live in agony. The only difference is of knowing; there is no qualitative difference between you and Christ, except just a very simple difference that he knows who he is and you are unaware of the fact. He has the treasure, you have the treasure; it is the same treasure, but you are unconscious of it and he is conscious of it. So all that is needed is a little bit of awareness, just a little candle of awareness and the miracle happens. Meditation is that little bit of awareness. It is only a seed but the seed soon becomes a big tree with great foliage and flowers and fruits.

Now, let meditation become the very focus of your life, the very centre. Everything else should be secondary and everything else should be arranged in such a way that it helps your meditation and does not hinder it. Anything that hinders your meditation has to be dropped and anything that helps it has to be practised. Meditation has to be the criterion. And it is such a great criterion that you can easily dissect the non-essential from thc essential; the essential is always nourishing to meditation and the non-essential is always poisoning. The sannyasin lives the essential life, and the non-essential slowly slowly disappears, evaporates.

Source – Osho Book ‘Is the Grass Really Greener…?”

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