Osho on love and helplessness

[A sannyasin, leaving, says: I am very impatient about my inability to love, and I don’t know what to do about it.]

Osho – Nothing has to be done. If you do something you will create more of a mess. Love is not a question of doing. Simply accept your helplessness and out of the acceptance of your helplessness love arises.

Love is not your power: love is your helplessness, utter helplessness. It is not an art to be learned. It is just a crying, weeping heart. Just accept your helplessness, that nothing can be done, and then one day suddenly you will be surprised: it has happened.

It always comes as an uninvited guest and at times when you were not expecting it at all. You were in such helplessness and suddenly the clouds disperse and the sun is there…

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