Osho on dropping thoughts
Osho – The moment one starts functioning as a pure mirror, god is revealed immediately. God is already here: we are just not a mirror to him. One need not search for god, because he is not far away: he is very close, he is closer to you than you are to yourself. All that is needed is to become a pure receptivity, with no interference. That is the beauty of the mirror: it doesn’t interfere, it simply reflects that which is. It does not project, it does not impose anything.

It is simply there, with no idea of good, bad; with no judgement. A beautiful woman comes before it, it reflects; an ugly woman comes before it, it reflects. It has no likes, no dislikes, no prejudices at all: it is simply empty. This is what meditation creates in you: meditation creates a mirror of consciousness.

The ordinary mind is full of thoughts, desires, ambitions, prejudices, beliefs, superstitions, ideologies. They are all there clamouring, creating great noise. They are like dust on the mirror, and the dust is so much that the mirror has completely disappeared; you cannot look into it.

Meditation means cleansing the mirror, dropping thoughts, letting thoughts disappear, attaining to moments when thinking ceases. And those are the most blissful moments in life. Once you have tasted a single moment of no-thought, you have taken a great leap into truth; then things will become more and more easy every day.

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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