Osho on inner noise

Osho – Bliss is available only to those who are ready to risk all. Without risking all that you have, you cannot attain to God. There is no possibility of reaching God half-heartedly. One cannot grow in a lukewarm way. You have to be intensely thirsty, you have to be on fire, only then can you evaporate. And when the ego has evaporated, God enters in, and with God bliss comes as a shadow, peace comes as a shadow. They are all companions of the experience of God. God never comes alone: it comes in a great company of all the virtues, of all that is good and beautiful and lovely.

But to attain to that great wealth, to that ultimate treasure, you cannot go half-heartedly, you cannot hold yourself back. You have to be courageous. You have to take the jump into the dark. You have to risk the known for the unknown. And that’s what sannyas is all about: preparation to risk all for God. Siegfried means victorious peace, and Deven means God. It is the victory of peace that leads you to God.

One lives in noise. I don’t mean the outer noise but the inner: the constant inner talk, the chattering mind that always keeps you in a state of delirium, a kind of insanity. It is so much that you cannot hear the still, small voice of your being.

One has to pacify the mind, one has to be victorious over the mind. And the way to victory is not through fighting the mind but through understanding it, by watching it, by observing it, by being absolutely non-judgmental about it – neither thinking good nor bad about it, but creating a distance.

That’s the art of being victorious: creating a distance between your mind and yourself, seeing it far away, farther and farther away, seeing it as separate, seeing it as a scene and yourself as the seer, and becoming more and more alert about the seer, and less and less alert about the scene.

Slowly slowly the emphasis shifts and your consciousness is freed from the seen and becomes available to the seer. That moment is the moment of victory, and that moment is also the moment of the entry of God in you. Peace and God come together. You prepare for peace and God comes as a gift.

Source – Osho Book “Just Around the Corner”

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