Osho on Real Person

Osho – Every child is born with the heart functioning but sooner or later we force his energy towards the head because the head is very useful in the society. Only by the use of the head will you become a head clerk, or the head station master. Only by using the head will you become the head of the philosophy department. If one cannot use the head then one will be just hands; one will be a labourer. That’s how society is divided between heads and hands. The labourer is called a ’hand’ because he works with the hands. He is condemned; he is not respected. The people who function through the heads, they are very much respected.

But the real person is neither of the head nor of the hands. The real person is exactly in the middle of both – he lives in the heart. And the person who lives in the heart can use the head and can use the hands; both are available to the person of the heart. But the person who lives in the head cannot use the heart.

The centre can use the periphery but the periphery cannot be the centre because the centre is the master; the periphery is just a servant. The moment one forgets the heart the servant becomes the master and everything goes topsy-turvy. That’s the situation of a normal human being: he is not normal at all; his situation is neurotic. And his neurosis can only be dissolved if love arises in him, if he again becomes a child and starts functioning from the heart.

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