Osho on Rolfing

[The next sannyasin said that although she had done most of the therapies available in the ashram, she continued to have small areas on her breasts, hips and thighs, that she felt were blocked. The therapy referred to in the following conversation is known as Rolfing, or Structural Integration.]

Osho – You have to pass through Rolfing… it is going to help you. It will be very painful, and that is why I was not telling you to do it up to now – you had to pass through the other therapies. Rolfing is painful because it has to relax the body structure. When for many days you have carried a certain emotion, then it becomes part of the body. It is no longer a part of the mind only, so it cannot be dissolved just through the mind. It has to be dissolved in the body also.

The body and the muscles take a certain structure; that structure has to be broken, unstructured. Something about sex has happened in your childhood, and has gone so deep in the body that all the erotic zones – breasts, hips and thighs – have become frozen. The frozenness is just a protection, like an armour around the body, so it is as if you have become sexless. You are an almost perfect celibate.

This is what celibates all over the world have been doing. They freeze certain parts of their body – they have developed certain methods to do this – and once those parts are frozen, they are no longer worried by sex because the energy is not there. But this is not good, because they become deadened, dull. One should go above sex, not below, and this is going below. This sometimes happens, particularly to women, because they have a passive sex.

You may in your childhood have been offended, violated in some way, but you may or may not remember, because sometimes you forget what you don’t want to remember. You have become so afraid that the very parts which feel sexuality have become frozen. They can be dissolved only through Rolfing.

If you can have the Rolfing done here it will be better, because the Rolfer is a sannyasin and he will be more careful about things. Rolfing is just a technique to relax, but if the Rolfer is meditative he can work deeper than an ordinary Rolfer can do.

Source: from Osho Book “Hammer on the Rock”

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