Osho on Settle inside Centered Inside

Osho – Settle inside, be centered inside, and outside be a wanderer : inside utterly rooted, and outside not staying long in any one place, not staying with one person for a long time, because attachments arise, possessiveness arises. So be just like a bee.

Just the other night I was reading a poet’s memoirs. He says, “I have found one thing very strange: when I fall in love with a really beautiful person, I cannot possess him or her. And if I possess, I immediately see that I am destroying the beauty of the person. If I become attached, in some way I am wounding the other person, his freedom.”

Poets are sensitive people; they can become aware of many things ordinary people never become aware of. But it is a beautiful insight, of profound depth: if you are really in love with a beautiful person you would not like to possess, because to possess is to destroy. You will be like a bee; you will enjoy the company, you will enjoy the friendship, you will share the love, but you will not possess. To possess is to reduce the person to a thing. It is to destroy his spirit, it is to make him a commodity — and this can be done only if you don’t love. This can be done only if your love is nothing but hate masquerading as love.

Buddha says: Just like a bee, move in life — enjoying, celebrating, dancing, singing, but like a bee — from one flower to another flower. Have all the experiences, because it is only through experiences that you become mature. But don’t be possessive, don’t get stuck anywhere. Remain flowing like a river — don’t become stagnant. Settle inside, certainly, become crystallized inside, but on the outside remain a wanderer.

Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Vol 2”

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