Osho – If you are too much engaged with your intellect you will not find time to be engaged with your total being. If you are too much in your head you will miss much that is available. The way can be known only if you deeply participate with existence. It cannot be understood from the outside, you have to become a participant.
Just a few days back, a professor of psychology was here. He teaches in Chicago. He is an Indian, lives in America. He had come — he has been writing to me for almost two years: ‘I am coming, I am coming.’ Then he came, and he wanted to know about meditation. For ten, twelve days he was here and he watched others meditating, and he said, ‘I am watching.’
But how can you watch meditation? You can meditate, that is the only way to know about it. You can see a meditator from the outside — that he is dancing, or that he is standing silent, or that yes, he is sitting — but what are you going to know about it?
Meditation is not sitting, meditation is not dancing, meditation is not standing still. Meditation is something happening is his very being, deep inside. You cannot observe it, there cannot be any objective knowledge about it.

I told him, ‘If you really want to see — dance.’
He said, ‘First I have to see, first I have to convince myself that it is something, only then will I do.’
Then I said, ‘If you stick to your condition you will never do. Because the only way to know is to do it, and you say you will do only when you have known it. Then it is impossible. You are putting such an impossible condition that it will never happen.’

It is as if somebody says, ‘I will love only when I have known what love is.’ But how can you know love without loving? You can watch two lovers holding each other’s hands, but that is not love. Even two enemies can hold hands. Even while two persons are holding hands they may not be in love, they may be just pretending. Even if you see two persons making love to each other, there may be no love. It may be something else; it may be just sex, no love. There is no way to know about love from the outside. There are things which are only allowed to be revealed to you when you become an insider.

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