Osho on missing Meditation

[To a sannyasin returning to Germany, Osho suggested that it would be very helpful to make meditation a regular part of her routine. He said sometimes it was permissible to miss a meal – could even be beneficial – but to miss meditation meant to undo months of work.]

Osho – It is very delicate work. In months some energy is created, and within days it can disappear – unless you have come to a point which is known as the point of no return. It comes one day. It is exactly the same as when you heat water to ninety degrees. It is still water; then to ninety-five degrees – it is still water. At ninety-nine degrees it is still water and if you stop heating it, it will cool down; the heat will be dissipated.

You will have to reheat it again. But if it comes to one hundred degrees, then it jumps; it evaporates. It has come to a point from where a very radical change has happened. The same happens with meditation. You go on accumulating it; it is cumulative. You do it every day – you go on accumulating a subtle energy in your being. It comes higher and higher and higher: ninety degrees, ninety-nine degrees. If you stop even then, it will disappear. It will be dissipated, because the whole life is non-meditative and it is easily destroyed.

The whole world is non-meditative. The people you will be meeting, working with, talking to, are all non-meditative. When you carry a high energy, people who are not that high simply suck you – unknowingly. It is just as if there is water – it will start flowing downwards. All energies move downward. People are just like valleys. It is natural that your energy starts flowing towards them. Their level is lower than yours.

Hence regularity is very very significant. Otherwise you create something and if you think ’Now I have created enough; I am feeling very good’, for a few days you will feel good, but then again the energy will be lost. If you continue regularly, by and by your level goes higher and higher and higher. One day it suddenly happens that you evaporate.

Then meditation is just a natural thing. Whether you do it or not does not matter. Non-doing, you are still in it. Walking, you are in it; eating, you are in it; working, you are in it; sleeping, you are in it. Then meditation becomes your whole life. Before that happens, regularity has to be maintained.

Source: from Osho Book “The Passion for the Impossible”

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