Osho on reason for Sannyas

Osho : Because tomorrow you may not be. The next moment you may not be. And sannyas is nothing but a vision of living this moment utterly, totally, absolutely.

Sannyas simply means that you will not postpone life anymore. Sannyas simply means that you will not live in dreams anymore, that you will take hold of this moment and squeeze the whole juice out of it right now. That’s what sannyas is: it is a way of intense living, of sensitive living.

And remember, life is very accidental. One never knows.

Listen to this story.
A salesman came home unexpectedly one day, and the first words he said when he came in the door were, “Where is he? I know he is here! I can feel it in my bones!”
His wife, who was cleaning the dishes at the time said, “Who are you looking for?”
Salesman: “Don’t give me that. You know who I am looking for, and I will find him!”

He looked in the closet, under the bed, and in the attic. He happened to glance out of the second floor apartment window and saw a young light-haired man get into a red convertible. “There he is!” he said, and grabbed the refrigerator and rolled it to the window and pushed it out. He crushed the fellow in the car and died of a heart attack himself.
Saint Peter: “What happened to you, young man?”
Young man: “I got crushed to death by a fridge.”

Saint Peter: “And you?”
Salesman: “While pushing a fridge through a window I died of a heart attack.”
Saint Peter to the third man: “What did you die of?”
Third man: “Well, I was sitting in this fridge, minding my own business, and…”

Life is very accidental. One never knows from where the fridge will come. Somebody may be sitting in it, minding his own business… That’s why I say become a sannyasin: this is the only moment to live, and there is no other moment.

2 thoughts on “Osho – Why sould i Take Sannyas, Osho on reason for taking Sannyas”
  1. Hare krishna..

    Respected swamiji,
    i m 22yrs old. i m persuing degree. i m hyderabad.but i don’t want do all this degrees and other studies which does not related to real life or god. i want divine, spiritual life. i would like to take sannyas. because as soon as i herd and learned about the lord krishna i am unable to concentrate on any other thing in this material world. no more i would like to live in this material world. so, please help me in this…

  2. knowledge is power and until one obtained such he can have the degrees int he world but it will not mean a thing uless you can conquer the mystery of the mind and the reason why we are here. material things are in hte now, we came here with nothing and we take nothing when we leave, we can still breath, laugh and live without material things if you aquire material things give it away without any regrets and feel the love of generousity flowing as you see the smiles ont eh faces of the recepient.

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