Osho – Sex is really an internal process of intoxicating you. It is chemical. You have nothing to do with it. It is your body chemistry, it is your physiology that releases certain chemicals in your body and then in a sexual state you can do something for which you will repent. Later on you will say, “I cannot believe how it happened. It happened in spite of me.” And it is not only sex; so many things are happening in you through your physiology.

When you are angry, it is not you. Again certain poisons are released in your blood and you are under the impact of those poisons. Buddha says: If you start watching the processes of sexuality, anger, greed, you will be able to see that it is not out of you that these things are born. You are only a witness. These things are born in your body, in your mind; and body and mind are not two things, they are one. You are psychosomatic. The mind is your inner body, and the body is your outer mind. Hence the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. You are a third force.

That third force is known only through meditation; there is no other way to know it, because it is through meditation that you become disidentified with the bodymind mechanism. Otherwise you can be very mighty, very knowledgeable, even sometimes in some moments very wise, but all that can go in a second. Your body can possess you, your physiology can become so powerful over you that you become a slave. You lose your mastery. Whenever you are angry, whenever you are in a sexual arousal, you are no more a master, you are simply a slave.

Buddha is not against sex, remember. Buddha is not against anger or greed, he is against slavery. And anything that creates slavery in you, he would like you to transcend it. Remember the difference. There are people who are against sex — they are against sex because sex is hedonistic, they say; they are against sex because sex makes you happy. They are against happiness. They can’t tolerate any happiness anywhere. They are sadists, they would like the whole world to be in suffering; they enjoy suffering.

They not only want others to suffer, they make themselves suffer too. Suffering is their joy. That is a perverted state, a pathological state. Buddha is not against sex because it gives you pleasure; he is simply trying to make you aware of the fact that these are the things that keep you tethered into a kind of inner slavery. You are a slave of your own chemistry, you are a slave of your own physiology — and this slavery has to be transcended.

Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Volume 9”

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