Osho – See what Is…. That is meditation. Put your mind aside. Face reality directly. Encounter it, be face-to-face. Put the mind aside. Look into reality silently, without any thought, so that the thought cannot be a hindrance, a barrier, a distortion. That’s what meditation is: seeing what is and seeing what is not.
The past is not, but the mind remains in the past. The future is not, but the mind remains in the future. And the present is, but the mind has no contact with the present. And whenever you are in contact with the present, the past is no more there, the future is no more there. When you are absolutely here and now, totally, utterly here and now, your life will have a new quality to it. That is true holiness — because you will know the whole and you will become the whole. Buddha calls it the true way, the way of the awakened ones. You can also rise to these heights. Rise! Awake!
Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Volume 9”

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