swami rajneesh on eating meat

question: what happens when you eat meat ?
swami rajneesh
– first of all you are killing an animal
you do not need to kill to feed yourself
when you were living in the cave age there was no cultivation
no food and you had to survive…
just imagine the beautiful animal was alive
and you cut the head
even to imagine to cut an animal and eat it
is so insensitive…
to kill an animal is so extremely insensitive
the moment you are walking on the inner journey
to kill is so painful…ugly…inhuman…

meat gives very low frequency
pure red energy
it is very good for a growing person
it needs the protein of that meat to grow
meat may be very good for the body
but you are not the body

if you think you are just the body and this mind and this ego
keep eating meat and it will reassure the bodymind
but within you there is a spirit
and your spirit needs lighter frequencies of food
it needs green and purple…higher frequencies
higher qualities of softer food
meat gives you red energy
it is not spiritual light
so you are loosing your spiritual energy
and the higher is sucked into lower red frequency
it is damaging your spiritual body

your stomach is not made to dissolve meat
it has no teeth…it is soft
people who eat meat
have a lot of acids in the body to dissolve the meat
and then the energy is extracted
the human body is not a meat consuming mechanism
the stomach is very sensitive
and needs softer food
most people who die early
are dying out of some stomach ailment
meat is too strong for the body but the body can adapt to anything
so it starts creating so many chemicals…acids…
to dissolve and extract the energy from the meat

if you stop eating meat
you can burn a hole in the stomach with the unabsorbed acid
a person who eats meat cannot stop eating meat suddenly
because the body has developed a system
to create acid to dissolve the meat
if meat eating people suddenly stop eating meat
their stomach will be destroyed
they have to gradually get off meat

a meat eating person has to continuously eat meat
because it also needs to absorb acids that are released in the system
and he gets so used to that hard energy that without it he feels empty
you understand ?
meat is not good for a meditator

the fish in the ocean is soft meat
chicken is harder meat
then you go to cow goats and animals…harder meat
the only meat perhaps understandable is oceanic…fish
because it is still soft
your body cannot be harmed so much
there are so many choices of nutrition
why kill the poor fish ?

that is what meditations are all about
growing more and more sensitive to life
and if you cannot give life you cannot take it away
if it is a question of life and death and you have no choice
i can understand
but there is so much choice !
meditators have to avoid killing for food

i remember once a friend of mine was eating fish
eating the fish he was saying…oh…very badly cooked fish…no good…
and he threw the fish away
i said…strange…you killed the fish
at least be grateful to the fish
thank the fish for its meat

he said the fish was not cooked well…i do not want it
he did not even respect the life of the fish
even the fish must have thought
at least you wanted to eat me…eat me fully
do not throw me away

now they throw it away…for not tasting right !
poor fish…just think it was living…
its life taken away and then rejected
because the chef did not use the right sauce !

human beings have become so insensitive
in the past the red indians
and the old mexicans and the ancient people
did a ritual and bowed down
thanking the animal for the food
at least they were grateful !
they bowed saying thank you for your meat
i am sorry i have to kill you to eat today

source: swami rajneesh ebook “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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