swami rajneesh on laughter dance and meditation

swami rajneesh :
the greatest meditation available today is dance
it is natural and you can fall in tune with it easily
just dance
just follow the rhythm of the body
flow with it
find more and more flow within your form
feel the aliveness move the body
then stop
feel the body

dance is the most ordinary
and the most powerful meditation
each time you move in harmony
you are moving inner consciousness
you are creating fire

dance is my way
anybody can dance
and you cannot be serious while dancing
where is the religion in it ?
where is jesus or christ or mahavir or buddha
when you are dancing with the wind ?

it is no religion
it is you in your purest essence
out of all the meditations i have seen of osho
dance is the most natural way of awakening the kundalini
can you see the beauty of what i am saying ?

what you think is a greatest meditation created by osho ?
very few can guess the answer
the answer is laughter
laughter is one of the deepest meditations
when your head gets the joke it gets confused
falls to the heart into the belly…ha ha ha ha
you have entered the source of life
laughter is no ordinary joke
your head has to fall apart
one big laughter and you are already home
when you are laughing totally
you are right behind the door to your life source
you are staring at life
that is the laughter
most people have awakened laughing
just laughing…laughing…laughing

suddenly the door opens
and you say…ahaa…what is behind it ?
a greater laughter…a bigger joke
it is all a big joke
every mystic when he has reached
the first thing that has happened is laughter
you see how serious it is ?

laughing is very very serious
it is the only thing that is not a joke !
we do the laughter meditation everyday
now what more you want ?
deep meditations…profound meditations
i have been selecting the most valuable keys
and these are the greatest keys
dance and laughter

source: swami rajneesh ebook “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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