Osho Quotes on Kundalini Yoga
  1. Life and death are only two states of energy. Life means energy functioning, and death means energy nonfunctioning. Life means energy awake; death means energy gone again into sleep. So according to kundalini yoga, you are ordinarily only partially alive. The part of your energy that has become actualized is your life. The remaining part is so asleep that it is as if it were not.

    But it can be awakened. There are so many methods through which kundalini yoga tries to make the potential actual. For example, pranayama, breath control, is one of the methods to hammer the sleeping energy. Through breath, the hammering is possible because breathing is the bridge between your vital energy — your prana, your original source of vitality — and your actual existence. It is the bridge between the potential and the actual.

  2. Kundalini is the original source of all life, but you are cut off from it in so many ways. Then you become an outsider to yourself and you do not know how to come back home. This coming back is the science of yoga. As far as human transformation is concerned, kundalini yoga is the subtlest science.
  3. The ultimate cannot be known through the brain, because when you are functioning through the brain you are in conflict with the roots from which you have come. Your whole problem is that you have moved away from the navel. You have come from the navel and you will die through it. One has to come back to the roots. But coming back is difficult, arduous. Kundalini yoga is concerned with life energy and its inward flow. It is concerned with techniques to bring the body and mind to a point where transcendence is possible. Then, everything is changed. The body is different; the mind is different; the living is different. It is just life.
  4. Kundalini Yoga methods can create heat. Then the body can also feel uncomfortable, and pains in many parts of the body can come. But it is very good and helpful. So when you do these breathing exercises, tell everybody to imagine simultaneously that the body is getting cool. That will balance — otherwise it can become very very hot. The whole body energy starts moving in Kundalini. It becomes so concentrated there that it is almost fire.

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