Osho Quotes on Kundalini

Osho Kundalini Quotes
  1. Kundalini means the serpent lying there fast asleep; it has to be awakened. Once it wakes up it starts rising upwards. When it reaches to the ultimate center of your being — SAHASRAR — the last center, the last rung of the ladder, you have arrived home.
  2. When you feel your KUNDALINI is rising, don’t get involved in it — let it rise. Remain aloof and detached, and say, “Okay, this must be some imagination.” You have heard so much about KUNDALINI rising. You must be reading the books of Gopi Krishna — KUNDALINI rising — and so many yogis are talking about it. It is in the air, so you become infected with the idea. Then you are waiting for it to rise. Not even simply waiting, but in a subtle way, trying to help it to rise. You are ready to support it. Just a slight thing — an ant crawling upon your spine — and it is there and suddenly you are full of energy. And you have imagined it and you have created. Now it becomes yet another ego trip.
  3. If you have seen a serpent standing on his tail, you will be surprised, because a serpent has no bones. Standing on his tail is a miracle, because there are no bones, so how is he supporting himself? Ordinarily the serpent is always sitting or resting, with his body in the form of a circle. That is the meaning of kundalini. Kundalini means circular, concentric circles. That is the ordinary situation of everybody’s inner energy; it is in a circular way sleeping or resting.
  4. If you work for kundalini, then there is a gradual process. Kundalini is a continuity, it has a continuity just like a thermometer. It rises just like a thermometer, slowly, slowly. The passage is a continuous one.
  5. Existence is energy, the movement of energy in so many ways and so many forms. As far as human existence is concerned, this energy is kundalini energy. Kundalini is the focused energy of the human body and human psyche. Energy can exist either manifested or unmanifested. It can remain in the seed, or it can come up in a manifested form. Every energy is either in the seed or in the manifested form. Kundalini means your total potential, your total possibility. But it is a seed; it is the potential. The ways to awaken kundalini are ways to make your potential actual.
  6. Kundalini is the original source of all life, but you are cut off from it in so many ways. Then you become an outsider to yourself and you do not know how to come back home. This coming back is the science of yoga. As far as human transformation is concerned, kundalini yoga is the subtlest science.
  7. So first you read about kundalini. You become suffused with the knowledge of the centres, their colours, their mantras, their places in the physical body. You visualise them. Then you participate in a ceremony. In the ceremony you see people whose kundalini is rising. Somebody is getting very ecstatic, and you feel very, very deeply depressed that you have never seen such beauty, such experiences. You sit there, you visualise. People are swaying, people are enjoying, tears are flowing, their faces are aglow. Sooner or later you also get into the ritual. You also start swaying. Man is very imitative. The spiritual seeker has to be very much alert about imitativeness.
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  1. I have practiced KUNDALINI YOGA for 41 days in underground with a cup of milk and banana/day .visioned bright light, rainbow colours ,heared musical sounds like flute,gantanad,veena ,,,—
    now enjoying the bliss state. furthur what ?

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