Osho Meditation Quotes

Osho Quotes on Meditation

  1. Meditation is simply awareness without any effort, an effortless alertness; it does not need any technique. But your mind is so full of thoughts, so full of dreams, so much of the past, so much of the future ― it is not here now, and awareness has to be here now. The techniques are needed to help you to cut your roots from the past, to cut your
    dreams from the future, and to keep you in this moment as if only this moment exists. Then there is no need of any technique.
  2. Meditation is your nature, is your very potential. It is another name of alertness.
  3. Always remember, whatsoever you enjoy can go deep in you; only that can go deep in you.
    Enjoying it simply means it fits with you. The rhythm of it falls in tune with you: there is a subtle harmony between you and the method. Once you enjoy a method then don’t become greedy; go into that method as much as you can. You can do it once at least or if possible, twice a day. The more you do it, the more you will enjoy it.Only drop a method when the joy has disappeared; then its work is finished. Search for another method. No method can lead you to the very end. On the journey you will have to change trains many times. A certain method takes you to a certain state. Beyond that it is of no more use, it is spent.
  4. All the methods that I have given to you are such that you will not need to drop them. Just use them to perfection, and the moment they are perfect they will drop on their own – just like ripe fruit falling from the tree. And when a method disappears on its own, it has a beauty; then your watchfulness is unscratched. Just continue till the method disappears of its own accord, and you are left simply a watcher on the hill.
  5. The essential core, the spirit of meditation is to learn how to witness. You are seeing a tree: You are there, the tree is there, but can’t you find one thing more? – that you are seeing the tree, that there is a witness in you which is seeing you seeing the tree. The world is not divided only into the object and the subject. There is also something beyond both, and that beyond is meditation.So in every act…and I don’t want people to sit for one hour or half an hour in the morning or in the evening. That kind of meditation is not going to help, because if you meditate for one hour, then for twenty-three hours you will be doing just the opposite of it. Meditation can be victorious: witnessing is such a method that it can spread over twenty-four
    hours of your day.

    Eating, don’t get identified with the eater. The food is there, the eater is there, and you are here, watching. Walking, let the body walk but you simply watch. Slowly, the knack comes. It is a knack, and once you can watch small things…. A crow crowing…you are listening. These are two – the object and the subject – but can’t you see a witness who is seeing both? The crow, the listener, and still there is someone who is watching both. It is such a simple phenomenon. Then you can move into deeper layers: you can watch your thoughts; you can watch your emotions, your moods.

  6. Meditation is only a path: the end is always buddhahood, enlightenment.
  7. My meditation is a totally different kind of approach. It has to be spread all over your twenty-four hours. Even falling asleep, remain alert how sleep is descending on you, so slowly, so silently, but you can hear the steps. The darkness is growing, you are relaxing – you can feel the muscles, the body, the tense parts which are preventing sleep – and soon you will see the whole body has relaxed and sleep has come. But slowly, slowly a great revolution happens. Sleep comes to you, but something deep inside you goes on remaining awake, even in sleep.

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