swami rajneesh on enlightenment

Question – how long it takes to do vipassana in order to achieve
enlightenment ? what does enlightenment give ?

swami rajneesh:
this whole question is of achievement
and how long will it take to achieve ??

this very instant !!!
peak…stop…watch…you are enlightened
it does not take long and you cannot achieve it
you drown into it and you are enlightened
why do you think that enlightenment is something
you need to achieve ?

learn the taste of the state
and drown into it…again and again and again
so there is no achievement
and certainly no time

can you reach instantly this peaked state ?
no mind and stop…you are enlightened
now taste that one drop of honey
and slowly learn how to drink the whole bottle
question just to share an experience…

one drop of that taste !
now you want to live it throughout the day
throughout the month…throughout the year
it is a vertically herenow
you do not get two days at the same time
or one month or six months or one year
you live moment to moment
enlightenment is nothing but living moment to moment
and connecting them together
each moment you are enlightened
next moment you are enlightened
next moment you are enlightened…
few moments you are not
few moments you are
so forget about it
when you are in that state
just drown into it and enjoy
when you are not….enjoy

do not make it an achievement
i have not achieved anything
i have dropped achieving
i am drowned into that state
and it is taking me deeper deeper deeper deeper
there comes a moment
when you do not care where it is taking you…
i am the river flowing
you know the ocean is there
who cares ?

the journey is the whole beauty
enjoy those moments
enjoy the beautiful journey of those moments
the word enlightenment is nothing

how long it will take ?
you are already enlightened !
how long will it take to know that you are enlightened ?
that is a better question !!
you are enlightened…
are you not alive ?
can you hear me ? can you see me ?
can you touch ? can you smell ?
is life not in you ?
that is enough enlightenment !!

realizing what you have is a different matter
grow in sensitivity
value what you have and you will realize it
it will be a realization that you already have it

this question has been asked again and again
what is that state of enlightenment ?
that is your question
how to achieve this state ?
not permanently but at least to get a glimpse
very simple…sit down…become utterly still
bring all that you have inwards…herenow
everything that you have
bodymind spirit
just sit here…eyes closed
slowly feel the energy within you
start peaking it
peaking peaking peaking peaking
dancing dancing dancing dancing
peak peak peak peak peak
you will come to that peaked orgasmic moment
that is a state of no mind
one drop of that taste !

watch and something will happen
the watcher will see that peaked moment
the watcher is present without the mind
no thought…
just draw that…drink that state…down down down…
you have reached the state of enlightenment in that moment
it is enough to know that you can experience it
that you have tasted it
you understand ?
is it difficult for you to peak to that orgasmic state
and stop and watch ?

you have that peak within you
everybody sitting here has that peaked state in them
that is your buddha nature showing you that you are
now you know…now with this simple knowing
generate more and more of these moments
dance stop peak…again and again and again
and you will melt down
and there will be nobody left
how long does it take ?
who cares ?
its very simple
a simple journey
to that state of no mind
and learning how to drink its silence
and living that silence
as an undercurrent in your day to day life
you are always enlightened
you cannot be otherwise
you think you are unenlightened
but you are always enlightened
what can i do ?

why do you not trust what i am saying ?
are you enlightened ?
of course you are !
in your peaked moment
when you are in that state
that is enough
you know how to peak
this man here is a natural peaker
he is actually an achiever
there is a second step to it
that is letting go and relaxing
so now you learn to relax
you are such a peaked person…always peaking
you have such a strong focusing
so focused…it is your quality
now learn to relax and let it settle
that is the second part of the journey
one is reaching and the other settling relaxing and enjoying
enjoy enlightenment

Source – Swami Rajneesh ebook “Go in Go in Gone”

2 thoughts on “Swami Rajneesh – how long it takes to do vipassana in order to achieve enlightenment ?”
  1. Awesome! It’s amazing this text because just to be aware of this moment, the mind stops immediately.

    And you just need to do the same thing in the next moment, and so on… just relax, let go… and you’re done!

    Simply amazing 🙂

    1. really extra ordinary and moving website!
      since 2009 i have been reading osho’s amazing books(around 20 books until now)
      and i really need to thank all osho lovers million of times!
      i am a 26 year old student from eritrea neighbourhood of ethiopia and I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP pleasssssssss?
      my problem is that while i was practicing in order to astraly project myself with closed eyes for about 2 months i started to feel somehow warm sensation and deep pressure in my third eye.
      and for these two years till i got married with my lovely lady i dont WANT my third-eye to be active. becouse i also want to guide her to the road of enlitment after she come back from abroad around 1 year later.
      so PLEASE TELL ME some techniques in order to disperse and make vacant the the energy in my third-eye spot just for those 2 years.
      somy brothers and sisters i am waiting your advice and guidance.
      i wish u all the best.byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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