swami rajneesh on stillness


swami rajneesh:
the moment you feel your inner space
it has connected you to all the seekers in the world
to this beautiful buddhafield of our beloved master osho
it connects you to millions of sannyasins who are in the world
and to all the seekers of truth in all forms
just one universal language…the language of deep silence
and suddenly the whole world comes to you
it is the greatest bridge to the unknown

it becomes more present when you are celebrating and dancing
it becomes more present when you are sharing it with your friends
it becomes more present when you give it as a gift to whosoever you meet

this is the journey of sannyas
remembering your silent stillness
sharing your love to each and everyone you meet
that is in your hands and each person is a sannyasin
each person is seeking

do not be miserly
the moment you will share your love with strangers
you will open your heart and they will wonder
what you are giving me so silently ?
and they will come to you
they all thirsty and hungry

so take home this beautiful understanding
whenever you meet somebody
share your deepest stillness and silence as a radiation
sharing your love you will grow
it is all about your growth
and what you do with this life

we are very few people in this world
each one has to contribute
and share their celebration and love
you will grow…the other will grow
and life is all about growth
understand the beauty in you
and the light in you

you can feel your pain
why can you not feel the pain in anybody you meet ?
we are all human
know yourself deeply
the first thing that awakens in you is compassion
it is not judging the other that he is weak
that something is missing in him
but seeing the other persons beauty
and something hidden within
waiting to be awakened…waiting for love

just share love
and you will see their eyes are responding
their whole being responds
you are searching freedom
and truth is the ultimate freedom
live in freedom and allow the others total freedom
freedom is important to you
so allow the other to be free
what you want for yourself give it to the other…

source – swami rajneesh ebook “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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