swami rajneesh on search

swami rajneesh:
this innocence
this state of silence
this deep stillness…
such an innocence state
the whole search
is how to arrive to this state of nomind
where everything becomes silent and still

it is a perfect moment…
just a simple vertical flow of energy
going higher and higher and higher
till it reaches the very peak
and the moment it reaches the peak
everything stops…

just drink it…drink it…
drink it as deeply as possible
let it fill you completely with its silence
this is your masters silent presence

when you are in this state of nomind
you are at that peak of your very buddha nature
you are experiencing your vertical totality
and this is your search
the search of nomind….
and how to drink this state…
and fill your entire interiority with its silence

it is just such a simple innocent way
it is simply a vertical dance within your being
and a deep inner settlement
this is transforming your inner states…
to higher and higher states…
in that moment you are perfect

this is the beauty of transformation
that you are always perfect…
you just need to know how to reach…
with a simple dance

source – swami rajneesh ebook “stop drop dead”

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