swami rajneesh on dance

question: you talked about dancing… could it be anywhere with anyone or by our own self ?

swami rajneesh:
anywhere everywhere !
anything anyhow !
just dance !
just dance with the breeze…with the stars
with the moon…with the sun…with the trees
it is so infectious !
dance with the bamboos
with the trees in the rain

have you seen the mystics when they reach ?
they simply go into a dance
they are not dancing anymore
they have gone into the dance and only the dance remains

you are not dancing with anybody
there is no other
there is no them and you
it is not you who is dancing with the trees and the sun and the moon
when you are dancing the whole existence is dancing
because you have disappeared
and your dance is waving the whole sky

the whole sky is dancing
everything is in the rhythm
it has a particular rhythm
and when you will disappear you will see
this existence is a celebration
that is why in east we call it leela
just a pure celebration !

you need to disappear
and you will see that you are no more
beings of light are moving you
the body has disappeared and is connected to the universe

the greatest state of ecstasy leads you to dance
the dance goes higher and higher and higher
even when everything comes to a stop
even in that ultimate stop there is a subtle dance
very cool…very still…

you know that you have come to the ultimate peak
you stand still…nothing moves
but you will see the dance is happening
you can see the dance of existence
this pulse…this harmony…
that is the ultimate dance

when you disappear into a deep vertical stillness
everything stops
and you see the dance of light
it is the easiest way to move on the inner journey
the most natural way to move in
just dance
move the body until you disappear
dance wherever you can
any place
make everybody dance wherever you go
you can create that waving dance in others too

i am just dancing everywhere i go
i have given up on all other methods
it is too much…a waste of time
but dance…everybody knows what dance is
that is the most universal language
to excite and awaken the kundalini and take it high
feel the peak and the only one secret is the stop
watch the silent pulse

dance is just the outer…the outer tornado
the inner is a pure stillness
you have found the centre of the cyclone
that is why stillness is very important
dance…dance…dance…but stop
find the centre of the cyclone
it is like whirling

when you are whirling…whirling…whirling
your whole body is moving outwards
rushing in all directions creating a centrifugal force
the centrifugal force is going deeper and deeper into the earth
and stretching you higher and higher and higher into the sky
and your dance is taking you outer and outer and outer
and the centre of gravity is taking you inner and inner and inner
that is whirling…

how to find the centre of the cyclone ?
the power of the tornado is not from the outer
if it was it will lose its energy very quickly
the power of the tornado is its vertical centre that is silent
it is going against gravity…it is an antiforce
the antiforce is propelling the outer body
and nothing breaks into it
it can be bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
to stop the tornado something needs to make a break
and then the tornado loses its intensity

exactly like this is dance
dancing dancing dancing in the state of no mind
do not bring the mind in…it will lose the intensity
do not open the eyes…it will lose intensity
keep the eyes closed and continue…continue…continue
the tornado will become more and more powerful
this is how rumi became enlightened
just whirling…whirling…whirling

he was no more and the tornado within awakened him
because now he has gone into a new dimension
no mind no ego no thought

the only way is to reach the highest possible
reach the door and fall to the earth
this is how he became enlightened

you can dance your way to god
there is no other way but to dance your way to god
god is a dancer
he is silent and cannot speak
his power is his stillness
his power is his silence
dance dance dance dance
just keep dancing

Source – Osho Book “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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