swami rajneesh on sharing love

swami rajneesh:

we are very few people in this world
each one has to contribute
and share their celebration and love
you will grow…the other will grow
and life is all about growth
understand the beauty in you
and the light in you

you can feel your pain
why can you not feel the pain in anybody you meet ?
we are all human
know yourself deeply
the first thing that awakens in you is compassion
it is not judging the other that he is weak
that something is missing in him
but seeing the other persons beauty
and something hidden within
waiting to be awakened…waiting for love

just share love
and you will see their eyes are responding
their whole being responds
you are searching freedom
and truth is the ultimate freedom
live in freedom and allow the others total freedom
freedom is important to you
so allow the other to be free
what you want for yourself give it to the other…

sannyasins need to learn how to share
it is not about yourself
it is about you spreading into everybody
and remember again everybody is a sannyasin
you see how many people have joined here ?
each one of you has a big heart to share
see what is possible with sharing
in total freedom for the other

allow the others to be the way they are
let them take their time to grow
they are afraid of love
give them time to absorb it
love is so difficult to absorb

you have been hurt so many times
that when you receive love you close
allow the others space and time to accept your love
be gentle with whomsoever you meet
and be gentle with yourself

be gentle with yourself
and stop judging yourself
you are just the way you are
you need time to grow
and that is why we are in this journey of life
by accepting yourself
you learn to accept the others too
never judge your weaknesses
feel your strengths
see the others strengths too
and ignore their weaknesses
the strength is so strong
that the weaknesses disappear like shadows

if each day you see what you can do for the other
that would be the greatest meditation
just one act of kindness
and slowly slowly you will feel such a beauty
it is not holier than thou
it is simply the way you live
and your life will become so beautiful
because everyday you will feel i can offer something for someone

just give somebody a hug…a smile
and that will be a deep meditation
how to touch human beings ?
how to connect to them ?
that is the real test

how can you connect to the universe
when you cannot connect with human beings ?
it is difficult
but if you have love in you
you will definitely share with everybody

let us take the lesson from here
live silently and still
and share whatsoever you can
everyday make it a point to share silence

breathe the person in…give him your love
just take the whole person into your heart
and send him your love
receive the person totally and give totally
just receive and accept the person as he is
with no judgement
and give him your wholeness…your love

you can do this simple experiment
whenever you pass somebody
just greet the person
take him into your heart
and breathe out… send peace to this person
just try and your heart will expand
it will spread
and you can drink any poison…anything that is dark
and transform it into light through your heart
so simple

these are the gentle experiments
how to bridge to others through the heart
and create stillness and silence for the other
then you can be anywhere you want
you will not feel any distance anywhere
and the moment you will tap into this silence
everything will come to help you

you can try this experiment when i am gone
distance makes the heart fonder
your love will spread deeper
and the more distance the love will expand more
i never say bye to anybody…i always say hello
no goodbye from me…only hello

source: swami rajneesh books “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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