swami rajneesh on total yes to life

Swami Rajneesh:

you remember that tree in tule ?
three thousand years old
so many generations
so many generations of humanity fussing and fussing and fussing
and this tree is simply there
what is real power ?
who are we ?

so many of us have come and gone
we are so insignificant
just one little branch of that tree is your life
just realize it
one little twig of that tree in tule is your life span
it makes you so humble

such a realization
that my god…everyday i have some worry and fuss
we are not even here fifty years ahead from now
why not make the most it ?

life is too short
too short !
just enjoy your life totally
be grateful for whatever you have
make a total yes out of your life
and all the doors will open for you

whatsoever juice you need
you can drink it if you live your life totally
there is no other way
there is simply no other way
realize that there is no other way
because the other way is death
such a simple understanding
choose life…or choose death

whatsoever you do you have only two choices
celebrate or fuss
two ways
even if things are going wrong…celebrate
life is too short !
what is fifty years ?

source – swami rajneesh book “dissOLVE into LOVE”

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