swami rajneesh on vertical sky

swami rajneesh:
dancing is an energetic transformation of your energy
it is transforming the lower to the higher
going vertically higher higher higher higher higher…stop
you do not need to stop
it stops you
that is the peak of the perfect state of isness

always find a way to reach that orgasmic state
you can run…
you can swim…
you can dance…
anything that creates that orgasmic state within you
for a single second
and the whole sky opens for you in that moment
that moment you are in the enlightened state

and then you will fall back
and you will wonder…where did i go?
where was i ? why did i feel such an expansion?
was i really there? was i dreaming ?
it will feel like a trance…a dream
and you will forget about it
because the mind does not remember
the experience bypasses the mind completely

right in the middle of the brain
there is a space
it simply moves towards the sky
it reaches a state the mind does not even know about
because it is not part of the mind
mind can understand horizontal reasoning
in fact mind is not horizontal but crisscross
left brain right eye
right brain left eye
it is crisscross…it is an illusion…a mirage…

it is horizontally connecting you to the world of objects
and it is not direct…it is crisscross
you are seeing things that appear to be real
and each crisscross is creating an illusion of matter
this is a point…this is a point…this a point…
all these points are merging together in the brain
and you think these are real objects

the moment you understand the vertical state
everything simply opens
and you see through all this horizontal mirage
the more mind…the more horizontal…the more complex
the less mind…the more vertical…the less complex
and in the very end…the state of no mind totally vertical
standing on a hair
nomind state
and everything becomes vertical

the whole universe is vertical
and you do not see objects anymore
but simply rays of light
the whole universe becomes beams of light
and you can read it vertically
just like a barcode

the seventh centre is your vertical crown
all the needles are coming vertically into the body
you see the world from above
you see the universe from the sky
and all you see is threads of light
and you can understand what is below
mind is only good for horizontal measurements
it only knows the crisscross…full of illusions…

the mind is simply doing its job
but there is a universe beyond it
there is a space beyond this mind
and that is the search
because if there is no space beyond the mind
then you are just a vegetable
then you have no future
you are just mud and you will go back to mud
what a pity !

what a pity if you are just the mind and the just the body
then you are destined to the dustbin
a nice dustbin called the coffin
nobody needs you anymore
you are simply dust

what is that vertical sky within you ?
what are those rays of light ?
this present moment is the search

all your centres are moving in the world
there is one centre that moves vertically
how to align to this ?
from the horizontal to the vertical
is the search of the meditator
find your vertical
and live it in the horizontal
and soon you melt and merge
and the vertical becomes present
and the horizontal simply dissolves

you are two worlds in one
when you reach the state of nomind you are absent
when you come back you become present
this is just the way it is

this is the whole understanding of the mystic
you have the world…you have the body…
and yet you have something within you that transcends both of it
and we are searching the transcendental
that is why i keep saying
do not decorate this body or this mind too much
do not try to unravel it because it is simply a mirage
do not try to understand it…dissolve it
do not seek answers
seek a way to dissolve it
through dance…through celebration…through meditativeness…

anything that leads you to ecstasy and bliss
anything that transports you and you are nowhere
you cannot even say i am somewhere
because you need a reference point
this is the strange experience of samadhi
when you fall into the black hole
there is no point of reference
you are simply a being of light
hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second…boom !
now what are you going to measure it with ?
one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second…
light is travelling so fast…

enlightenment is a vertical explosion of light
to understand the vertical in you…
there is only one way…dance…
and move vertically higher and higher…

source – swami rajneesh book “STOP DROP DEAD”

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