swami rajneesh on sannyas

question: what is the meaning of sannyas?

swami rajneesh:
no meaning
pure love…let us drop all meaning
not even searching for meaning
just pure love…madness…i just want to go mad
i have seen the eyes of this man
and something draws me to him
the unknown beckons
and this mala is going to remind me of his madness
or his sanity…whatever

do not make any meaning
leave the mystery open
we are not here to make any meaning in life
even if you get the meaning what you will do with the meaning ?
there is no meaning
i have no meaning
i am a total idiot…innocent…awakened…empty headed person

people come out of their love
they see bhagwans photo
i have nothing to do with sannyas
remember one thing
i have nothing to do with sannyas…
i myself am a drowned disciple of my master
i still have not found the meaning

i tried in the beginning
let me make sense of what happened to me
but slowly slowly i gave up
and that madness has brought me here

receive his blessings
receive the mala and let us see what happens
it will lead you to a new dimension…a new dance…
let us see…
that is the mystery of sannyas !

source – swami rajneesh book “STOP DROP DEAD”

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